Real people, Real lives, be the best version of yourself

With 15 years’ working as make-up artist, stylist and art director for leading global beauty brands MAC and Toni & Guy, I decided to re-write the beauty rule book and create an alternative vision for the salon of today. This is UnDone 470.

Creativity, honesty and passion sit at the heart of Undone 470. It is a community space for hair, style and joy. A place where people can meet, learn and feel courageous. In a beauty industry that increasingly pushes unrealistic beauty ideals, my belief is that we should instead be striving to be the best possible version of ourselves, outside and in, at any age. Together, I believe we can attain an authentic you and uncover a unique sense of style.

Please take a look at our hair and make-up ideas and get in touch to find out more.

Patrick x